The gender confidence gap

The Guardian study of Financial and Emotional Confidence™ discovered that women identify as less financially and emotionally confident than men. Much of this is due to lack of financial literacy, but it is also because women are more likely to act as caregivers for children or family members in addition to their full-time work, which affects income. This brief explores the financial behaviors and habits of women, as well as behaviors to help put them on their own path to prosperity.


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Mind, Body, and Wallet

With the global influence of COVID-19, well-being has been brought to the forefront within the workplace. While many organizations made shifts to accommodate lockdowns and new ways of working, employees still felt the stress of an uncertain era disrupting their lives, particularly women. How has the mental, physical, and financial health of working American women been impacted, and what role are organizations playing in providing benefits to support the well-being of their female workforce?


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Webinars to support you and your employees

Learn from experienced women who are knowledgeable in building cohesive strategies for dealing with challenges. Our webinars cover topics like resilience during crisis, financial literacy, and how benefits can support female employees.

Women who lead with resilience and effective communication

Creating stability during COVID-19: A small business strategy for survival

Learn how Doris Kaiser, CEO and managing partner at Zeldis Research Associates, led her team and prioritized business needs to create stability during the pandemic 

Conscious Connectivity: Why silence in the workplace is not golden

Linda Dulye shares her cohesive strategy for building connections and conversations. 

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