The gender confidence gap

The Guardian study of Financial and Emotional Confidence™ discovered that women identify as less financially and emotionally confident than men. Much of this is due to lack of financial literacy, but it is also because women are more likely to act as caregivers for children or family members in addition to their full-time work, which affects income. This brief explores the financial behaviors and habits of women, as well as behaviors to help put them on their own path to prosperity.


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New era, new values

Benefits, empathy, and workplace flexibility are close behind salary in terms of what matters most to workers when evaluating employment opportunities. Women in particular give family benefits like paid parental leave heavy consideration when choosing a job. Read the report to learn which benefits, policies, and programs employers are turning their attention towards to go further in meeting their employees’ needs.


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Women are caregivers

As women are overrepresented among caregivers (someone who provides ongoing care for a child, or an ill or disable parent or spouse), it’s no surprise women are 21% more likely than men to be concerned about needing to take time off work in order to care for a loved one. And employers notice — over half (51%) say that their workforce's caregiving responsibilities have a negative impact not only on their health, but their productivity.

Here are some resources for employers with caregiving responsibilities.

Webinars to support you and your employees

Learn from experienced women who are knowledgeable in building cohesive strategies for dealing with challenges. Our webinars cover topics like resilience during crisis, financial wellness, and how benefits can support female employees.

  • Workforce 2020: Women and well-being

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