Employers are increasingly turning to supplemental health benefits to help boost employees’ financial wellness.

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Do you know how supplemental health insurance can help keep your employees physically and financially healthy above and beyond the benefits offered by typical health insurance? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.


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Webinar: Supplemental Health Benefits: Why it’s time for a fresh look

Employee expectations are changing, and organizations that want to focus on employee attraction, retention, and overall well-being can start by taking a fresh look at their supplemental health benefits strategy. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more about supplemental benefits.


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Infographic: Is medical insurance enough?

The rise of high deductible health plans, premium increases, and policy limitations are driving the need for products that ease rising medical costs and help maintain employee savings. How can employers help more employees enroll in these benefits? By increasing and enhancing the education around supplemental health benefits.


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Unless otherwise noted, all information is from the Guardian Workplace Benefits Study report, "Benefits Optimization," (2022)

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