Employers who have an enrollment strategy see employee participation increase by over 25 percent.* Learn how.

The ‘Three Es:’ How our enrollment approach works

We offer the tools and resources you need to help you create an active, dynamic enrollment experience for employees. 

Guided decision-making with Guardian

Making benefits decisions can be stressful: According to Guardian’s Workplace Benefits Study1, one in four employees find open enrollment overwhelming. To help, Guardian offers multiple options to help employees feel confident about their benefits decisions—from one-on-one counseling to self-guided online tools, and more.


Did you know? Guardian offers benefit enrollment experiences in Spanish.

Find out more about the support we offer Spanish-speaking employees—from AI-powered benefit decision-making tools to print and digital communications that engage and inform.

Strategy that sparks participation

An effective approach not only sets the stage for a positive enrollment experience but can also be the catalyst for increased employee participation. According to 2019 voluntary participation rates, this can result in an increase of more than 25 percent. Download our guide.

A positive enrollment experience is good for business too. Here’s why.

Our research shows that positive, efficient, and engaging benefits experiences help employees make better benefits decisions, leading to greater appreciation for the offerings—and their employer. Get the details below. 

Webinar: Enrollment Boot Camp, Part 1: Crafting benefits blueprints
According to recent Guardian research, the better employees understand their benefits, the more loyal they are. But fewer than half (44%) of workers say they have an excellent or very good understanding of their benefits. In today’s tight labor market, it’s more critical than ever that employers have a solid enrollment strategy around how to communicate with and educate employees about their benefits.

Webinar: Enrollment Boot Camp, Part 2: Technology to help improve benefits decision-making
Employer adoption of benefits technology – including enrollment platforms – has risen sharply during the pandemic. But many organizations aren’t using the technology to its full potential or providing a more guided enrollment experience to help workers make more informed benefits decisions.

Webinar: Enrollment Boot Camp, Part 3: Planning a robust rollout
After developing a comprehensive benefits enrollment strategy, it’s time to put that plan into practice. Where do employers begin, and how can they get the results they want while also increasing employees’ engagement with their benefits?

Report: Benefits Optimization
Upgrading the enrollment experience to help employers and their workers get the most value. 



Based on Guardian’s 2019 voluntary participation rate.


Guardian Benefits Optimization Report, Guardian Workplace Benefits StudySM 9th Annual, 2020.


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