Your most valuable asset is your people.

When they're healthy and happy, your business is healthy. It's why we offer proactive, comprehensive solutions that address emotional, mental, physical, and financial well-being. And why we provide modern processes and intuitive tools that simplify benefits management and utilization.

When you feel well, you think well.

When you think well, you perform well.

And when you perform well, everyone does better.

The case for benefits that focus on well-being

  • 59% chart for well-being

    59% of employees who strongly agree that their organization cares about their overall well-being believe they can always bounce back after a hardship.¹

  • 25% chart for well-being

    But only 1 in 4 employees strongly agree that their organization cares.²

  • 70% chart for well-being

    Nearly 70% of employees say they would work harder if they were better appreciated.3

There is a growing disparity between employer and employee perception of benefits

  • 70% chart for mental health

    70% of employers believe they do an excellent job addressing workforce mental health.

    But only 47% of workers agree.⁴

  • 63% chart for physical health

    63% of employers believe they do an excellent job addressing workforce physical health.

    But only 39% of workers agree.⁵

  • 60% chart for financial health

    60% of employers believe they do an excellent job addressing workforce financial health.

    But only 22% of workers agree.⁶

Guardian removes the barriers of complexity that keep employees from choosing, trusting, and using their benefits to the fullest


Experience that empowers

Front-line thought leadership

Fortune 250 company with mutuality

A partner who helps you navigate customers’ changing needs

Broad portfolio

Integrated absence services


Driven by the power of simple

Single-carrier and single-bill solution

Holistic account management

Custom API integrations with Ben Admin solution providers

Straightforward language usage

Personalized benefits experience

Caring hand

Focused on well-being

Modern, data-driven access to innovative mental wellness solutions

Personalized benefits through guided decision-making

Access to coverage and savings for all through network design

Virtual care options

Strategic partnerships like Spring Health


  • Group benefits refer to the different insurance types that cover a group of people, such as the employees in a business. In addition to medical insurance, group benefits can also include ancillary benefits like the insurance options offered by Guardian.

  • Employees save more money when they can access benefits through an employer. As a result, employers who offer a good variety of quality benefits are better able to attract and retain top talent that can help their businesses grow and thrive.

  • The cost to the employer can vary depending on the different features you choose. When benefits are offered on a voluntary basis, each one costs around what an employee might pay for a coffee shop latte, per day.

  • Guardian offers benefits that:

    • Help protect loved ones and paychecks, including life and disability insurance.
    • Help save on required care, including dental and vision insurance.
    • Pay cash after an unexpected health emergency, so employees can focus on recovering, including accident, cancer, critical illness, and hospital indemnity insurance.
    • Ensure immediate access to personalized mental wellness solutions for all employees and their families through Guardian + Spring Health.

    For a full overview of Guardian’s voluntary benefits, watch our Simply Put video series.


1, 2 "Creating your own workplace well-being: A manager's guide," Gallup, 2021

3 "Statistics on the importance of employee feedback,"

4, 5, 6 Source: “Mind, Body, and Wallet: Workforce well-being in the pandemic era,” 10th Annual Workplace Benefits Study, 2021

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