Cybersecurity at Guardian

Cybersecurity Practices

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    We’re committed to you

    Guardian and our family of companies are committed to safeguarding our customers' data. Our systems have procedural, technical and physical safeguards to help protect this sensitive information. Information security is an essential and fundamental part of our trusted relationship. The section below highlights some of the protections we have in place.

Highlights of how we protect your information

  • “Defense in Depth”
    We take a “defense in depth” approach to security, which means we use multiple layers of protection and detection.

  • Multifactor / Risk-based authentication
    For websites and mobile applications or certain transactions, multifactor or risk-based authentication may be required, such as entering a pin code that’s sent to your phone or email, or responding to challenge questions.

  • 24/7 Security Operations / Incident Response
    Our systems are monitored to detect and respond to unusual or suspicious activity.  Incident response teams are in place to respond appropriately.

  • Encryption
    We share sensitive data with you using encrypted protocols.

  • Call center verification
    We verify your identity before granting access to your account.

  • Fraud detection
    Teams monitor transactions to look for and respond to suspicious or unusual activity in accounts.

  • Physical access controls
    Access to physical locations processing your data is controlled and restricted. Sensitive documents are disposed of securely.

  • Restricted access to data
    Access to systems/data is logged and limited to authorized individuals.

  • Employee education and awareness
    An important part of security is ensuring employees are trained on policies and standards and how to respond to threats. We use multiple methods, including simulations, to achieve security awareness.

  • Managed third party risk
    In some cases, Guardian may use third parties to perform specialized functions. These third parties are governed to ensure they meet our standards for protection.

  • Resiliency / Business continuity planning
    Our systems are designed for resiliency and also have plans in place to continue operations in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Copies of data are protected and stored in alternative sites.

  • Security Assessments
    Our company periodically assesses and tests its security controls in order to identify and mitigate risks.

  • Privacy policy
    More information about how we keep your information private can be found on our privacy policy page.

GUARDIAN® is a registered trademark of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America®

GUARDIAN® is a registered trademark of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America®