Employee benefit selection just got a whole lot more interesting.

To help increase benefits participation, employees need an active enrollment strategy that helps them connect the benefits they are offered to their everyday lives. Guardian’s partnership with Nayya aims to do just that, by providing employees with Nayya Choose, a guided, personalized, completely confidential way to find the voluntary benefits that will help them and their loved ones most.

What is Nayya Choose?

Nayya Choose is a platform that leverages artificial intelligence and data science to simplify the benefits enrollment experience. The platform provides employees with a decision-making tool that gives them the confidence to select the right benefits for them.

How does it work?

Guided by an avatar, employees are asked to provide relevant information, such as their location, household demographics, and lifestyle. Within minutes, employees receive plan options their employers provide that offer the closest match to their budget and needs.

What are the features and benefits of Nayya Choose?

A simple, guided process. Nayya engages employees in a virtual enrollment experience that asks them questions to help tailor the benefit matches they receive.

Personalized recommendations. Nayya uses consumers’ unique attributes and lifestyle details to provide recommendations that speak directly to their needs.

Financial education. Nayya helps employees break down recommended plans by cost, and provides context that helps employees to forecast future savings.

Available in Spanish. Help ensure Spanish-speaking employees get the most value from their benefits. 

Guardian + Nayya

How does Nayya use data?

Nayya links more than 3 billion external data points, including nearly 200 million rows of claims data, to offer curated, confidential guidance on topics such as selecting voluntary benefits and comparing different health insurance options.

What are the requirements to use Nayya Choose?

You can use Nayya Choose for new and existing clients who meet the following requirements.

  • Your business is based in the United States
  • You have between 50 and 3,000 employees
  • You offer at least two Guardian voluntary benefits
  • You engage in active enrollment
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