Workplace benefits can be key to helping employees protect their finances. With 71% of all Hispanics (and 75% of those 18+) speaking Spanish at home, employers need to offer enrollment support and educational resources that speak to their employees.1 An enrollment strategy that is accessible and inclusive can help boost employee participation while providing employees the support they need to make meaningful, informed decisions.

Guardian provides a variety of resources and tools using the latest technology to help ensure Spanish-speaking employees get the most value from their benefits, whether it’s by using an AI-powered guided decision-making tool, or by reading product flyers and watching informative videos in their language.

Here’s a bit more about our enrollment support offerings in Spanish:

  • Product videos, product flyers, and posters – aid employees in making informed decisions by connecting products to real-life situations in an educational and entertaining way.
  • Nayya Choose – uses the latest technology to help guide customers in making decisions based on their specific needs and experiences.
  • Benefit counselors – provide assistance by leading group meetings, benefit fairs, customized live or recorded presentations, and virtual 1:1 and in-person meetings.
  • Digital enrollment kits – bring employees through the various types of insurance being offered. These kits let employees know the who (would be covered), what (would be covered), and why (consider coverage) of their voluntary benefits.

Everyone deserves a Guardian. And especially one who speaks the customer’s language. With Hispanics accounting for more than half (52%) of U.S. population growth from 2010 to 2019 – it's time the educational tools and resources they use to learn about their benefits were available in Spanish.2 

Asistencia para la inscripción que brinda valor, todo en español
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Nielsen 2019, pg. 27 “71% of all Hispanics (and 75% of those 18+) are speaking Spanish at home”


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