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1. What is the most common reason for personal bankruptcies?

2. What is the national average family deductible for employer-sponsored health plans? (2020)

3. What is the estimated in-network cost of treatment for a broken leg bone at the ankle, including local anesthesia and hospital facility fees?

4. Which of the following is among the most common causes of accident insurance claims?

5. Joe was injured in a bicycle accident. If Joe had an accident insurance policy through his job, which of these services would be covered by the policy to help reduce his out-of-pocket costs?

6. Carol goes to the ER and is admitted for emergency surgery. Fortunately, Carol has medical insurance, but incurs $3,815 of out-of-pocket expenses. Which type of insurance could help her cover her out-of-pocket costs for an admission, regardless of whether the surgery was related to an accident or a sickness?

7. Which type(s) of insurance can include coverage for COVID-19 and related hospitalizations?

8. Which type of insurance helps cover the out-of-pocket hospital costs related to having a baby?

9. Which benefits enrollment method typically generates the highest employee participation?

10. What is the most effective way to engage employees during enrollment?

Guardian Workplace Benefits StudySM: 9th Annual, 2020

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