Now is the time for companies to move beyond mere representation or talk. They must weave D&I into the fabric of their company and values to make lasting change.

Despite recent progress in the US on benefits equality and inclusion, the journey has just begun for many organizations, and much more work lies ahead. And – in a world changed by the COVID-19 pandemic and social justice movements that highlight systemic racism and injustice – a more diverse and inclusive workplace is more important than ever. It’s becoming a business imperative for employers to address the unique benefits needs of these growing workforce segments.

Our 5 key focus areas

With a growing number of elderly Americans needing daily assistance, people with special needs requiring care, and COVID-19 potentially increasing the amount of family members who have fallen ill, one in seven working Americans identifies as a caregiver. Now more than ever, employer support and workplace benefits that address caregivers’ needs are necessary for this growing segment of the US workforce.

How employers can support caregivers

Infographic: Workforce 2020: Family caregivers

Workforce 2020 webinar series

For further insights and information on the topics addressed in the Workforce 2020 report, we invite you to watch previously aired and register for upcoming webinars. These webinars cover topics such as, how COVID-19 is impacted the disabled community, how to create inclusive benefits for LGBTQ+ employees, the growing importance of inclusion and diversity strategies, and much more. Multiple events may be selected when using the registration form.


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