Vaping & Oral Health: From Guardian’s 7th Annual Workplace Benefits Study


Vaping was developed to offer a safe alternative to cigarette smoking and to help reduce dependence on tobacco products altogether. But in 2019, we are learning that vaping is neither safe nor an alternative. Among those that vape, most workers would consider quitting if they knew it was harmful to their oral health.

Vaping in America: Use Among Working Adults in 2019

One in Ten U.S. Workers Vape

Vaping Varies By Age, Income, and Race

In this 2019 research brief, “Vaping in America: Use among working adults in 2019”, we explore usage trends based on demographics, the potential impact of vaping on oral health as well as how the latest headlines may affect the future of vaping.

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Unless otherwise noted, the source of all information is Guardian’s 7th Annual Workplace Benefits Study (2019), Vaping in America.