The mental and emotional wellness of working Americans has been affected most since the emergence of COVID-19


The pandemic has impacted mental health in the workplace for all segments, but younger workers, women, and those who are underemployed are struggling significantly more with their psychological health. Employers recognize the importance of providing well-being benefits and resources; however, a lack of clear communication means that workers are rarely utilizing these programs, even when available at no cost.



Making time for physical wellness continues to be a struggle for many workers

While the younger generations of Gen Z and millennials report being healthier overall, workers across the board admit they’re battling to maintain a healthy weight, get enough exercise, and sustain a healthy diet, which is a trend that spans back to before the pandemic. Nearly a quarter of all employees say that COVID-19 has had a significant negative impact on their physical health.


The financial impact of the pandemic is Americans’ largest source of stress

Americans’ financial health has had its ups and downs during the past six years. In 2019, the economic boom and low unemployment rates resulted in high levels of financial wellness, according to Guardian's Workplace Benefits Study research. But two years later in 2021, the pandemic, even for those working full time, has negatively affected workers’ wallets.


1 Unless otherwise noted, all data is sourced from Guardian’s 10th Annual Workplace Benefits Study, 2021.

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