9 steps to faster, more accurate quotes

Do you need quick, accurate group benefits quotes? Use this checklist


The road to quicker business decisions starts with the request for a quote. When you ensure quote requests are submitted accurately, you’re able to manage quick business decisions, help clients get the benefits they need faster, and prevent extra work for yourself down the road.

This definitive checklist will help you get the accurate quotes you need more quickly, so you can support clients more efficiently, and grow your business faster.

Ready to submit a quote request? Here is what you need:

  • Requested effective date
  • The requested benefits
    • Please include the books and/or benefit summaries
  • Commissions
    • Standard or Flat
    • Supplemental Health Level or Heaped
  • Coverage status
    • Indicate if transferred,  or a brand new l line(s) of coverage
  • Indicate if you are using an enrollment firm or benefits administration platform
    • If so, please include the enrollment strategy and the lines of business affected
  • Rates
    • Please include both the current and renewal rates
  • Census data for Life and disability insurance
    • Please include salaries, ages, DOB,  genders, and job titles
    • Current elections and/or enrollment
  • Contribution status
    • Please indicate the status as “contributory,” “non-contributory,” or “voluntary”
  • Experience (as required)
    • Dental & Short Term Disability – 200+ lives with 2 years of experience
    • Life, Long Term Disability & Optional Life – 500+ lives with 5 years of experience
    • Vision – 250+ lives with 2 years of experience
    • Paid Leave Benefits – 50+ lives for HI TDI, MA PFML & NY DBL 10+ lives NJ TDB (all group sizes) – CT will be added to this list in 2024


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