But what does a great dental insurance package look like? At Guardian, we speak from experience: one size definitely does not fit all when it comes to dental insurance. The more you know about dental plan designs and how they best serve an ever-evolving workforce, the better you can help your clients deliver more value to employees for less money. 

That’s why Guardian is here to help you stay ahead of industry trends and research on dental insurance. We can design dental insurance strategies  that help your clients save money while promoting better health outcomes. We make it happen by providing your clients with:

A Strong Network

Guardian’s dental network includes more than 120,000 providers in more than 430,000 locations nationwide. We continue to build our network with quality providers and encourage in-network care, resulting in a higher-than-average network effective discount.

Learn About Our Network (PDF)

A Focus on Prevention

Guardian promotes and educates on the importance preventive care, because of its connection to overall health as well as the savings gained by avoiding major services and dental procedures down the line.

Discover Prevention Benefits (PDF)

Flexible Plans

Everything You Need to Lead the Dental Discussion

As a leader in the dental industry, Guardian regularly researches current and future trends. We then share our insights with you, so that you can provide trusted, customized information  to each of your clients. With easy-to-follow thought leadership and product information, we help you effectively communicate the value of dental insurance and explain Guardian’s offerings.

Happy, Healthy Organizations Smile
Education and resources to help employees maintain good oral health.
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The Future of Dentistry
Improving America’s oral health and wellness.
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Stay in Good Company
Employers that spend more on preventive care spend less on costly claims over the long run.
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Ready to start the dental discussion with clients?

Everything you need is right here in our Broker Dental Toolkit.

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DentalGuard Insurance is underwritten and issued by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, NY.  Products are not available in all states.  Policy limitations and exclusions apply. Optional riders and/or features may incur additional costs.  Plan documents are the final arbiter of coverage. This policy provides DENTAL insurance only.  Policy Form #GP-1-DG2000, et al.

Managed Dental Guard Plan DHMOs are underwritten by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (CO, FL and NY) or one of its wholly owned subsidiaries: Managed Dental Care (CA); First Commonwealth Insurance Company (IL); First Commonwealth Limited Health Services Corporation (IN); First Commonwealth Limited Health of Michigan (MI); First Commonwealth of Missouri (MO), or Managed DentalGuard, Inc. (NJ, OH and TX). Dental PPO Plans are underwritten by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (FL, GA, IL, IN, LA, MI, MO, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, SC, TN, VA, WI). Limitations and exclusions apply. Plan documents are the final arbiter of coverage. Policy Forms: IP-DENF-16-FL; IP-1-MDG-DHMO-FL-ON-17; IP-DENF-16-GA; IP-DENF-17-IL; IP-FCW-DHMO-IL-ON-17; IP-DENF-18-IN; IP-DENF-18-LA; IP-DENF-18-MI; IP-DENF-17-MO; IP-DENF-16-NJ; IP-MDG-DHMO-NJ-17; IP-EHB-DEN-EXCH-18-NY; IP-DENF-EXCH-18-NY; IP-MDG-NY-EHB-ON-17; IP-MDG-NY-FP-ON-17; IP-DENF-16-NC; IP-DENF-17-OH-PLAN1; IP-DENF-17-OH-PLAN2; IP-DENF-17-OH-PLAN3; IP-DENF-18-PA; IP-DENF-17-SC; IP-DENF-17-TN; IP-1-MDG-DHMO-TX-17; IP‐DENF‐16‐VA; IP-DENF-17-WI

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