Guardian Dental Network Expansion

As one of the top1 dental networks in the nation, we have a history of continued growth and prioritizing further expansion.

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How the Guardian dental network serves employers and members

We know that a dental network is only as good as the savings it brings, and the access patients have. That’s why we direct patients to utilize a Guardian in-network dentist for a savings opportunity.

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    More choices for members

    Guardian has an extended nationwide network of specialists, including providers focused on pediatric care. So most dental visits can be made within the network.

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    Ease of doing business

    We’ll communicate directly to employees for benefit education, helping you increase your benefits utilization. When necessary, Guardian has on-site options for dental and vision, with the ability to take part in wellness fairs and bring visits right to the office.

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    Partners in growth

    We believe in personalized recruitment. That means we’ll partner with employers to strengthen local networks if needed, helping ensure more employees have access to in-network dentists wherever they are.

Learn more about Guardian’s dental benefits that support overall employee well-being.

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1, 2 Network 360, 2023

1, 2 Network 360, 2023