Dental plans designed around your most valuable asset: your people

Your employees asked, and we answered: Guardian’s dental plans continue to meet employees where they are as their needs evolve. Explore what’s new, and what continues to stand out, about Guardian Dental.

Dental fundamentals: In-demand dental benefits that support well-being

It makes sense to stay in network

With more than 130,000 providers nationwide, Guardian offers one of the largest dental networks2 – and our network continues to grow each year. That means chances are good your employees can find a network dentist near them. And with access to network discounts, that means employees can save even more money.

Why dental insurance adds value to any benefits mix

Many small employers want to contribute toward the cost of dental coverage for their employees. That’s why Guardian offers new, affordable plan options designed for small groups or groups offering dental for the first time, including our new Preventive Perks and Local Elite PPO Network options.  

According to 2018 data, nearly 80% of employees participate in dental insurance benefits when offered by their employer.3 That’s why Guardian conducts ongoing consumer research to determine what plan features will help employers recruit and retain talented employees. 

Guardian recognizes the impact that dental benefits have on good overall wellness. That’s why we create dental plans that prioritize coverage for preventive and oral health care coverage – not just for employees, but for their families, too.  

More than one in 10 adults delayed getting dental care last year because of cost, lack of insurance, or  COVID-19 concerns.4 That's why Guardian is now offering a wider range of budget-conscious plans to keep your employee's oral health care on track. Offering innovative virtual care options such as, a service which allows patients to connect virtually with an emergency dentist. And byte, an option for at-home aligners and teeth whitening. 

How Guardian dental insurance goes further

Benefits with a focus on good oral health

  • The deductible for our members and their dependents lowers each year until it reaches $0 after year three.  

  • A unique plan option that provides 100 percent in network coverage on Preventive, Basic and Major care for children ages 12 and under.

  • 100% coverage for preventive services with no annual maximum, and either a $150 or $250 annual allowance for all other dental services that can be used with more flexibility than traditional plans.

  • Members access care through a local network of deeply discounted dentists in select markets.    

  • Allows members to roll over a portion of unused annual dental maximum for future use.

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  • the at-home invisible orthodontic aligner is available at a discount for all Guardian dental members and covered as an in-network benefit for plans that include orthodontic benefits.   In addition, Guardian dental members also receive a discount on BrightByte Pro LED teeth whitening kits.

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  • Members can access urgent dental care consultation from home.  

  • Allows members to get dental exams, cleanings, X-rays, and fluoride treatments without deductions from their annual maximum. 

  • Employers can bring mobile dental services directly to members in their office setting.  

  • All plans are available fully-insured, or Administrative Services Only (ASO). For those new to ASO, we offer a unique level-funded option that gives you cost savings with the security of a fully-insured plan. We also offer Managed Care/DHMO and Dual Choice plans in certain locations.  

Guardian is excited to bring new dental product features across the nation as each state approves them. For more information, please reach out to your Guardian sales representative or talk to your broker.


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Early Smiles in network option is available in all states excluding GA, MS, SD, TX & WY where an in and out of network option is available.

DHMO plans are available in select locations.

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