Why cancer insurance adds value to any benefits mix

In 2018, cancer patients in the U.S. paid $5.6 billion out of pocket for cancer treatments. Cancer costs in the United States are expected to increase 34% to $245.6 billion by 2030 1.

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, the last thing they should have to worry about is the cost of treatment. While health insurance can definitely help, the costs of cancer can go well beyond what’s covered, from copays and deductibles, to out-of-network and experimental treatments, home health care needs, and travel. That’s on top of everyday bills such as groceries, utilities, car payments, and more.

Cancer insurance gives an insured employee a lump-sum amount for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer they can spend however they choose. Access to this kind of additional financial protection can be more affordable when you offer group cancer insurance.

Guardian helps employers offer cancer insurance that:

How Guardian cancer insurance goes further

Guardian offers three levels of cancer insurance plans: Value, Advantage, and Premier. This allows employers to choose what might be the best coverage for their company at a price point that fits the budgets of the employees and the business.

Depending on the selected plan, employees can receive payment for more than 30 covered services related to diagnosis, annual cancer screenings, treatment, and procedures. In addition, they may be able to receive coverage for:

  • alternative care
  • anti-nausea medicine
  • experimental treatment
  • home health care
  • inpatient special nursing
  • Lodging
  • Radiation/chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy

Support this benefit with an active enrollment strategy

When your company decides to offer accident insurance, our approach to enrollment can help you design an experience that educates and engages employees, so they can make more informed benefit decisions.

Learn more about our active enrollment approach.


1 “The Costs of Cancer, 2020 Edition,” fightcancer.org.

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