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* Only certain benefits have the ability to cover first and may even cover a second occurrence.

** Optional riders and/or features may incur additional costs.

In New York, Critical Illness is known as Specified Disease.

Summary of Plan Limitations and Exclusions

The policy has exclusions and limitations that may impact the eligibility for or entitlement to benefits under each covered condition. There are limitations & special requirements for each condition. See the certificate of coverage or contact your sales representative for full details. This policy will not pay for a diagnosis of a listed critical illness that is made before the covered person's Critical Illness effective date with Guardian.

  • We will not pay benefits for the First Occurrence of a Critical Illness if it occurs less than 3 months after the First Occurrence of a related Critical Illness for which this Plan paid benefits. By related we mean either: (a) both Critical Illnesses are contained within the Cancer Related Conditions category; or (b) both Critical Illnesses are contained within the Vascular Conditions category.

  • We will not pay benefits for a second occurrence (recurrence) of a Critical Illness unless the Covered Person has not exhibited symptoms or received care or treatment for that Critical Illness for at least 12 months in a row prior to the recurrence. For purposes of this exclusion, care or treatment does not include: (1) preventive medications in the absence of disease; and (2) routine scheduled follow-up visits to a Doctor.

  • We do not pay for a third or later occurrence of a critical illness. - First & second occurrence refers to the first & second time an insured experiences or is diagnosed with a covered critical illness while covered under Guardian Critical Illness insurance.

  • A pre-existing condition includes any condition for which an employee, in the specified period of time prior to coverage in this plan, consults with a physician, receives treatment, or takes prescribed drugs. Please refer to the plan documents for specific time periods.

  • If the plan is new (not transferred): During the exclusion period, this critical illness plan does not pay charges relating to a preexisting condition. If this plan is transferred from another insurance carrier, the time an insured is covered under that plan will count toward satisfying Guardian’s pre-existing condition limitation period. Please refer to the plan details for specific time periods. State variations may apply.

  • We do not pay benefits for charges relating to a covered person: taking part in any war or act of war (including service in the armed forces), committing a felony or taking part in any riot or other civil disorder or intentionally injuring themselves or attempting suicide while sane, or insane.

  • In order to be eligible for coverage: Employees must be legally working: (a) in the United States or (b) outside the United States, for a US based employer, in a country or region approved by Guardian. Subject to state specific variations.

  • Employees must be working full-time on the effective date of coverage; otherwise, coverage becomes effective after the completion of the specific waiting period.

  • Health questions are required for all late enrollees. Benefit increases may require underwriting.

  • This coverage will not be effective until approved by a Guardian underwriter. This proposal is subject to satisfactory financial evaluation. Please refer to certificate of coverage for full plan description; plan documents are the final arbiter of coverage.

Guardian’s Group Critical Illness Insurance is underwritten and issued by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, NY. Products are not available in all states. Policy limitations and exclusions apply. Optional riders and/or features may not incur additional costs. This is a limited plan of supplemental health insurance that provides the specified financial support, as a lump sum or indemnity payment, following the diagnosis of a critical illness. This is not minimum essential coverage as defined by federal law. This coverage will not reimburse for hospital or medical expenses. Generic Policy Form # GP-1-CI-14. The state approved form is the governing document.