Simply put, it’s time for a more modern approach to mental well-being in the workplace.

Here’s how Guardian + Spring Health help with everything from reducing stress, to keeping employees more engaged at work.


Workplace mental health insights

Workplace mental wellness solutions

  • EAPs provide employees guidance on personal, financial, and legal matters. EAPs offer tools and resources that help employees balance their responsibilities with family, caregiving, health and wellness, emotional well-being, and daily living. EAPs serve an essential role in helping with a broad spectrum of needs – but may best address more short-term, critical mental health issues. Pairing the benefits of an EAP with a proactive, dedicated mental health solution helps provide ongoing support as mental wellness needs evolve.

    Guardian offers EAP services through Uprise Health.

  • This type of solution focuses solely on employee mental wellness by offering tools, resources, and professional services that meet a broad spectrum of mental health needs. A workplace mental wellness solution should:

    • Offer resources that employees can access on demand, to help when they simply need to refocus, or cope with anxiety, stress, and/or burnout.
    • Provide access to a broad, diverse network of mental health professionals that can address each employee’s personal needs and provide care in a timely manner.
    • Offer regular, secure reporting on utilization, trends, and progress to the employer, demonstrating impact on overall workforce mental wellness while protecting the privacy of employees.
    • Integrate seamlessly into other benefits the employer offers, so mental health support becomes innate when other types of health claims are submitted. For example, Guardian + Spring Health offers mental wellness support to participating groups whenever a qualifying member files a short-term disability claim.

    Guardian offers these advantages and more through its partnership with Spring Health. This comprehensive solution brings personalized mental wellness benefits to all employees and their families, offering services clinically proven to drive faster recovery times, reduce absenteeism, and improve overall well-being.5

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