Quality Voluntary Short Term Disability Coverage with Flexible Options

Guardian Disability Income Select™, Guardian’s voluntary short term disability (STD) insurance, offers a variety of plan choices to help your clients meet the needs of each employee.

Guardian Disability Income Select is flexible. Employers can customize benefit amount, benefit duration, elimination period, and more. Employees select the right level of income replacement protection for their needs. Plus, if employees ever change jobs, they can take their STD coverage with them1.

Guardian® is #1 in total in force disability cases2

  • Over 65 years of experience in group disability insurance
  • STD claims processed within 7 days or less — 99% accuracy
  • Dedicated claims case manager
  • Knowledgeable resources to help employees return to work
  • Fully integrated absence management solution

Easy quoting. No census data is required to quote the program.

Helps fill coverage gaps. Plans can be used to help fill coverage gaps since they are non-integrating and won’t offset with other sources of income such as Social Security Disability, statutory plans, or other group disability plans.

Benefits for partially-disabled employees. Employees can qualify for benefits and receive benefit payments if partially disabled (working while disabled but earning less than 80% of pre-disability earnings).

Specified Injury Benefit helps injured employees. Our Specified Injury Benefit1 pays a guaranteed minimum number of weekly payments (or lump sum) for specific losses due to accidental injury.


Enrollment and Administration is Easy

Guardian enrollment support does the work for your clients to help employees easily purchase valuable coverage. Plus, our annual re-enrollment option lets employees purchase the next higher benefit amount3 without Evidence of Insurability. It’s easy to administer because we will customize premium collection to the employer’s payroll deduction method (payroll deductions will not increase with salary raises since they are based on flat amounts).


Disability Income Select Benefit Details by Employer Size

Employers with 10+ Employees Employers with 9 or Less Employees
Employers can make available up to 3 plan options for elimination period & benefit duration and up to 20 choices for flat benefit amounts.4 Employers can offer 1 elimination period & benefit duration combination and up to 20 choices for flat benefit amounts.
Elimination periods from 1/8 up to 180/180 days (day benefits begin for accident/sickness) Elimination period up to 180 days (day benefits begin for accident/sickness)
Benefit duration between 4 weeks to 2 years Benefit duration between 4 to 26 weeks
Benefit amounts range from $50 - $2,500 per week and cannot exceed 60% of employee’s gross salary. (Choices for flat amounts are the same for each elimination period and benefit duration combination offered) and may require underwriting approval.* Benefit amounts range from $50 - $1,500 per week and cannot exceed 60% of gross salary.


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Not available in all states.


LIMRA, U.S. Group Disability Sales and In force 2017 Annual Results.


Up to the amount for which they are eligible based on 60% of pre-disability earnings. 


For plans for 10 employees or more, employer chooses rating basis for plan (attained age or issue age). Issue age rates are not available in all states. Only attained age is available for plans for 2-9 employees. Plan design availability may vary by state and/or employer industry. Guardian’s Group Short Term Disability Insurance is underwritten and issued by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, NY. Products are not available in all states. Policy limitations and exclusions apply. Optional riders and/or features may incur additional costs. This policy provides disability income insurance only. It does NOT provide basic hospital, basic medical or major medical insurance as defined by the New York State Department of Financial Services. Plan documents are the final arbiter of coverage. Short Term Disability Policy Form No. GP-1-STD07-1.0 et al. GP-1-STD-15-1.0 et al.


Note Plan design limitations may apply based on situs state and underwriting guidelines