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Why Guardian vision insurance adds value to your benefits mix

Eight in 10 households use corrective eyewear, with at least one person needing lenses. As a result, more employees are looking for vision coverage as part of their benefits package.

Average daily hours spent on screens among working adults

computer illustration PC
5.3 hours
television illustration Television
2.9 hours
smartphone illustration Smartphone
2.8 hours
tablet illustration Tablet
0.8 hours

Regular eye exams are important for maintaining more than just healthy eyes and good vision – they can help identify other health problems as well. An eye exam can:

  • Detect diabetes and hypertension, both of which can cause vision and eye problems
  • Help diagnose sleep apnea, high cholesterol, and multiple sclerosis
  • Help determine whether high blood pressure patients are at risk of stroke

Guardian helps employers offer vision insurance that

How Guardian vision insurance can go further

Guardian offers a choice of three networks: VSP, Davis Vision, and Avesis to ensure we meet the specific needs of employers and their employees.

Our unique Dual Choice option allows groups of 50 or more eligible employees the choice between two vision networks.

Support this benefit with an active enrollment strategy

When your company decides to offer vision insurance, our approach to enrollment can help you design an experience that educates and engages employees, so they can make more informed benefit decisions.


Learn more about our approach.


Unless otherwise noted, all information is from the 7th Annual Workplace Benefits Study (2019).

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