Guardian’s communication and benefits enrollment approach addresses the gap in understanding, relevancy, and participation

Employees increasingly value workplace benefits, but still struggle to understand how they work, which ones are right for them, and what new choices to make. For non-medical benefits such as life insurance, disability, or supplemental health, one in four employees admit to simply “checking the box.”1 They make the same selections as the prior year, giving little consideration as to whether their needs have changed or whether their employer is even offering new benefits options. To help change this pattern, Guardian has created communication and enrollment strategies that work for employers and employees.

Our benefits enrollment capabilities help improve participation in your clients' benefits programs

There is a tremendous opportunity to enhance the enrollment experience for employees. This is an area where Guardian can make a significant difference. We have a full spectrum of communication and enrollment capabilities designed to drive employee engagement and help increase participation. We also bring a wealth of experience in delivering the right messages at the right time to help maximize members’ understanding of benefit value and relevance. 

A robust communications tool kit

Since we know every client’s culture and benefits strategy is unique, we work with you to develop and execute a communications campaign that will meet your clients’ goals. 

Successful benefits enrollment starts long before the actual enrollment period, which is why we have created a variety of messaging tools to help your clients weeks ahead of time. We bring together multi-touch communications to drive awareness and provide easy-to-understand benefits materials so employees have a clear picture of their options.

Multi-touch communications help drive awareness

  • Mail
  • Online Content & Avatar
  • Email
  • Banners & Poster
  • Onsite

Solutions supporting Guardian-only product enrollment

Guardian Anytime

We’ve created a no-cost, proprietary online platform to enroll employees in all Guardian benefits. With a simple, comprehensive, and educational user experience, Guardian Anytime online enrollment helps increase participation and reduces administration time.

  • Avatar technology helps guide employees through the enrollment process
  • Automatic email communications encourage employee engagement throughout the enrollment cycle
  • Online Evidence of Insurability (EOI) decisions are made in real time

Guardian Anytime can also load prior carrier and new hire/life event coverage. And it can be adopted for use in enrollment or administration at any time, usually within five to seven days of receiving a file with prior coverage or a basic census file.

Enrollment solutions for Guardian and multi-carrier products with medical

Common Census

We understand the value of having a single platform to support your clients’ entire enrollment process. With Common Census, Guardian can provide businesses with at least 10 employees with an integrated benefits enrollment platform for all Guardian products, as well as for other carriers’ products, including medical. Your clients will experience streamlined implementation for one-time enrollments or ongoing enrollments for new hires only. 


Common Census helps make the enrollment process more efficient:

  • Loads prior carrier and new hire/life event coverages 
  • Handles payroll exports and secure carrier data fees 
  • Allows your clients to approve, edit, or reject employee changes with automated notifications 

Additionally, Common Census offers product education through videos and embedded content within the portal. Your clients can choose employee self-service access or coordinate face-to-face with an enroller through the secure web portal.

Common Census is fast and easy to implement and there is no cost to enroll and administer Guardian products.

BenAdmin Alliance

  • BeneTrac
  • benefitsCONNECT
  • Benefitfirst
  • bswift (for directly contracted groups with bswift)
  • Empyrean
  • PlanSource

Another way we can support your clients who choose solutions from multiple providers is through BenAdmin Alliance. This arrangement between Guardian and leading BenAdmin Alliance providers delivers operational and cost efficiencies through seamless service integration. Features include:

Simplified data uploads through efficient and secure EDI feeds
Real-time EOI to streamline the employee enrollment process 
Lower administration costs, through a unique monthly funding program (including preferred pricing with administrative offset of $.25 per employee per month for Guardian products)  

Our BenAdmin Alliances:


The benefits to your clients are tremendous as BenAdmin Alliance gives them: 

Full administrative functions including ACA reporting, beneficiary management, and payroll feeds  
The ability to load prior carrier and new hire/life event coverages  
Access to payroll exports and secure carrier data feeds
The ability to approve, edit, or reject employee changes with automatic notifications 

Additional technology to make implementation and administration easier

Evidence of Insurability (EOI)

Guardian has online Evidence of Insurability (EOI) to enable fast decision turnaround in real time. Our online EOI solutions are linked to several of our BenAdmin Alliance partner platforms and:

  • Enable fast decision turnaround in a real-time environment
  • Eliminate paper submissions
  • Increase employee overall satisfaction with enrollment process

If your clients are creating their own benefits enrollment event, our EOI solutions also allow for a stand-alone URL, where data can be captured via an online link.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Guardian’s file transfer process enables your clients to send member data quickly and safely via a secured transfer protocol. EDI removes the need for manual data entry and processing, reduces the error rate associated with manual processing, and accelerates the case maintenance process.

Learn more about EDI

The fastest-growing company in voluntary benefits sales2 is ready to work with you

Let us tell you more about our communication and benefits enrollment solutions and how they can make your clients’ enrollment process easier and more efficient.  

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Guardian Workplace Benefits Study, 2015



U.S. Voluntary/Worksite Sales Report, Eastbridge Consulting Group, 2016