How do I file for a private plan exemption for MA PFML with Guardian?



So, in terms of how do you wave out of a private-- or the public plan-- into a private plan, there's a really simple way to do so. So the state, again, allows for you to wave out into a private option. And at Guardian, we've really tried to make that as simple as possible.

So the first is we would quote on your plan-- and for some of the folks on the call we may have already done this-- and provide you a rate that is going to be likely different than what the state flat rate is. And then once we get the go-ahead that you'd like to pursue the Guardian option, we get an email. It's simple. We call the intent of sale. And we issue a checklist of next steps along with a video on exactly how you would file for an exemption. It's very simple.

We already have an approved, acknowledged declaration of insurance that I mentioned before that you basically upload into the MassTaxConnect website and check off a couple boxes that your plan meets the same requirements because it does. And the Department reviews it, and they generally get back really quickly in a couple of business days to let you know whether or not you've been approved or not. And since our declaration of insurance is already acknowledged by the state, we're seeing very, very high approval levels.