New York, N.Y., February 22, 2023 - The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America® (Guardian) today introduced SafeGuard360™, an innovative solution that offers essential financial protection for consumers in one product. SafeGuard360™ is an industry-first, patent pending product that includes life insurance, long term care and income protection benefits, helping individuals build the foundation for lifelong well-being.

“Providing a well-rounded policy that inspires well-being and helps protect people at every life stage was foundational to building SafeGuard360™,” said Michael Ferik, Head of Individual Markets at Guardian. “Research tells us people don’t follow through on financial plans because they say the process is too cumbersome. This one-of-a-kind product addresses that challenge for consumers by creating one unified solution that speaks to many financial concerns,” he added.

SafeGuard360™ offers three protections in a single solution:

  • Whole life insurance – Provides lifetime protection with three guarantees including a guaranteed level premium, guaranteed death benefit1 and guaranteed cash value.
  • Long term care protection – Accelerated death benefit for long term care services.
  • Disability income insurance – Offers three benefits during a period of disability including income replacement if you are unable to work at all, income replacement if you are only able to work on a limited basis, and waiving premiums for the coverage while disability continues.  

According to Guardian’s 2021 Financial and Emotional Confidence Study: Path to Prosperity3, forty-six percent of respondents indicated that building a solid long-term financial strategy was a top financial priority. However, when asked about their own financial behaviors to meet these priorities, only 1 out of 3 reported being good at following positive financial habits. SafeGuard360™ provides a streamlined approach to creating a financial strategy that addresses multiple aspects of financial well-being.

Additional benefits include ease of purchase through a single digital application and underwriting process, and relationship management through Guardian’s financial representatives. Clients will also have a single point of claim initiation across all coverages of SafeGuard360™ and will be assisted by Guardian’s dedicated team of claims representatives who are committed to service excellence.

About The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian®)

Guardian makes a difference in the lives of people when they need us most. With more than 160 years of stability and fiscal integrity, we are a trusted partner to millions of consumers, helping them prepare and plan for a bright future and recover and thrive in times of unexpected loss. We believe in inspiring well-being across mind, body and wallet, and driving value beyond dividends.4 We invest in our colleagues, are building a progressive and inclusive culture and are helping to uplift communities through thoughtful social and environmental programs.  Guardian, which is based in NYC, is a leading provider of life, disability, dental, and other benefits, and has received accolades for its culture and service. Our colleagues and financial representatives serve with care and expertise, and our commitments rest on a strong financial foundation, which at year-end 2021 included $10.7 billion in capital and $1.9 billion in operating income.5  For more information, visit or follow us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube

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1 All whole life insurance policy guarantees are subject to the timely payment of all required premiums and the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company. Policy loans and withdrawals affect the guarantees by reducing the policy’s death benefit and cash values.

2 Some whole life polices do not have cash values in the first two years of the policy and don’t pay a dividend until the policy’s third year. Talk to your financial representative and refer to your individual whole life policy illustration for more information.

The Guardian Study of Financial and Emotional Confidence™, 2021

4 Dividends are not guaranteed. They are declared annually by Guardian’s Board of Directors.

5 Financial information concerning Guardian as of December 31, 2021, on a statutory basis: Admitted Assets = $72.1 Billion; Liabilities = $63.5 Billion (including $51.8 Billion of Reserves); and Surplus = $8.6 Billion 

SafeGuard360™ is issued by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian®), New York, NY. This product combines: Guardian’s Whole Life Paid-Up at Age 99 policy (form ICC21-WL, 21-WL, or state equivalent); the Disability Income and Waiver of Policy Premium Benefit Rider (form ICC21 DIR, DIR (12-2021), or state equivalent); and the Accelerated Death Benefit for Long-Term Care Services Rider (form ICC22-LTCR, 22-LTCR, 13-LTCR, or state equivalent) which is marketed as Guardian’s Long-Term Care Rider.

The Disability Income and Waiver of Policy Premium Benefit Rider (form ICC21 DIR, DIR (12-2021), or state equivalent) is underwritten and issued by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian®), New York, NY. There will be an additional cost or premium associated with this Rider. Provisions, features, and availability may vary by state. Exclusions and limitations may apply.

Guardian® is a registered trademark of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America.

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