5 best practices that drive absence management success

Companies that follow the five best practices for absence management success are better positioned to create better outcomes for their employees, especially as COVID-19 continues to impact presenteeism, absenteeism, and the future of work.

In addition to these five best practices, our research recommends these supporting activities:

  • Offer wellness/prevention programs
  • Offer wellness program incentives
  • Integrated disability/FMLA reporting
  • Disease management referrals
  • Centralized STD/FMLA administration

Guardian Absence Management Scorecard

Use the Guardian Absence Management Scorecard to measure the effectiveness of your absence management efforts and benchmark progress against similar companies.

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Why you should consider Guardian for your absence management solutions

Employers turn to outsourcing leave management for a variety of key reasons:

  • Lack of expertise and/or difficulty interpreting and managing FML leaves, which can lead to Department of Labor investigations and fines, and lawsuits that can be costly and disruptive — regardless of the judgement.
  • Keeping up with coordinating different leave types and tracking intermittent leaves.
  • Ensuring employees have the tools and support they need during an often difficult time.

Guardian addresses all of these reasons while also putting employees first, helping them get back to life and work faster. Here’s an example:

Introducing Guardian Absence SolutionsSM

Guardian provides a guided absence management experience that supports optimal return-to-work outcomes, protecting employers by taking complexity and compliance head on.

The value our solutions provide to employers includes:

  • Compliance with all federal and state regulations
  • Claims administration portal that unifies absence event information for a truly integrated experience
  • Integrated claims intake and consolidated billing
  • Expansive leave coverage, including federal and state leaves, company leaves, insured and self-funded short-term disability, and State Paid Family Leaves
  • Close collaboration on return-to-work and stay-at-work strategies to maximize total productivity
  • Real-time dashboard reporting, highlighting top diagnostic categories and leave reasons; current claim status/info and historical data also available

The value our solutions provide to employees includes:

  • Unified service experience across all claim types with a convenient, centralized management of the absence event
  • Preference-driven methods of contact, including text, phone, and email
  • Mobile optimized portal with access to self-service claims information, including the ability to enter intermittent absences and return-to-work dates, submit new absences, enroll in direct deposit, electronically sign releases, and upload paperwork
  • Proactive outreach by leave and clinical professionals to support timely and safe return to work
  • Customer service to support absence-related questions
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Unless otherwise noted, the source of all information is the Guardian Absence Management Activity Index & Study (2021).

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