Each share the same values that have made us successful. Below please find a list of some of our subsidiaries.

  • Access Dental Plan – Acquired by Guardian in 2014 and licensed as a California Knox Keene Plan, Access Dental Plan of California provides pre-paid dental benefits. http://www.accessdental.com

  • Access Dental Plan of Nevada, Inc. – Acquired by Guardian in 2014, Access Dental Plan of Nevada, Inc. is licensed as a dental health maintenance organization and provides pre-paid dental plans to Nevada policyholders. http://www.accessdental.com

  • Access Dental Plan of Utah, Inc. – Acquired by Guardian in 2014, Access Dental Plan of Utah, Inc. is licensed as a dental health maintenance organization and provides pre-paid dental plans to Utah policyholders. http://www.accessdental.com

  • Managed Dental Care/Managed DentalGuard, Inc. companies – For over 14 years, Managed Dental Care has offered quality pre-paid dental benefits in the state of California. Managed DentalGuard, Inc. offers pre-paid dental plans in Texas and Ohio.

  • Avēsis Incorporated and its affiliates (collectively “Avesis”) – Since 1978, Avēsis Incorporated has provided and arranged vision, dental and hearing benefits on behalf of and for managed care organizations, plan holders and individuals. http://www.avesis.com

  • Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America – Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America provides disability income insurance products for professionals, executives and business owners. The company became a wholly owned subsidiary of and third party administrator for Guardian in December 2001. Some of the Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America's products include personal & business disability insurance and multi-life disability income insurance. 

  • First Commonwealth companies – Since 1999, First Commonwealth, through its subsidiaries, First Commonwealth of Illinois, Inc., First Commonwealth Limited Health Services Corporation, First Commonwealth Insurance Company, First Commonwealth of Missouri, Inc. and First Commonwealth Limited Health Service Corporation of Michigan, has offered administrative services and pre-dental plans in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

  • GIS Strategic Ventures LLC – GIS Strategic Ventures LLC is Guardian's corporate venture capital arm. 

  • Guardian India Operations Private Limited – Acquired on August 1, 2014, Guardian India is a business processing organization that provides administrative support, IT services, consulting and business solutions to Guardian and its affiliates, (formerly Data Telesis Private Limited). 

  • The Guardian Insurance & Annuity Company, Inc. – The Guardian Insurance & Annuity Company, Inc. issues annuities and variable life insurance policies. The company was incorporated in 1970. 

  • Guardian Investor Services LLC – Guardian Investor Services LLC and its subsidiaries serve as the focal structure for growing non insurance risk and fee based businesses.

  • Innovative Underwriters, Inc. – Innovative Underwriters (IU) is a full-service agency that offers a wide variety of insurance products, including life insurance, disability income insurance, annuities, long-term care and life settlements, through contracts with a number of insurance carriers. IU is licensed in 49 states. Guardian purchased IU in 1999. Through other contracted insurance carriers, IU offers products/features not offered by Guardian. http://www.innovativeunderwriters.com

  • Park Avenue Institutional Advisers LLC – Park Avenue Institutional Advisers manages investment portfolios and offers a variety of investment management services to institutional clients such as mutual fund managers, investment firms and insurers with minimum accounts of $25 million to $300 million, depending on the investment product. https://www.parkavenueinstitutional.com/

  • Park Avenue Securities LLC – Park Avenue Securities is Guardian’s retail broker-dealer and is registered as an investment adviser. Park Avenue Securities provides its representatives with access to a comprehensive suite of wealth management solutions to help meet the short- and long-term growth and protection goals of clients. Member: FINRA, SIPC. http://www.parkavenuesecurities.com

  • Premier Access Insurance Company – Acquired by Guardian in 2014, Premier Access markets insured preferred provider dental benefit plans in the state of California. https://www.premierlife.com.

  • ReedGroup – ReedGroup provides leading-edge software, data analytics and absence-management outsourcing services, as well as services and products related to clinical content to employers, insurers and health care organizations. http://www.reedgroup.com