Many working Americans experience common struggles with work-life balance, mental health, and financial wellness. An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can often provide a range of helpful services to help workers combat these issues.  But less than 4% of employees have actually used their organization’s EAP.1

You can help change that. Here are five tips to help discover and benefit from the value of EAP services:

  1. Designate people to champion EAP within your organization.

    Hearing firsthand how helpful your EAP program is from other employees can motivate others to give it a try. Executives, colleagues, shift managers, HR professionals — anyone with a positive EAP experience can help provide a compelling testimonial about the value of your EAP program.
  2. Promote awareness of your EAP throughout the year.

    Consistent promotion of your program can be critical to driving engagement. The need for EAP services isn’t seasonal, it’s year-round. So should its promotion plan.
  3. Highlight all of the services in your EAP program.

    No matter how minor a feature may appear, it could be important to someone. You may want to trumpet the importance of complimentary professional development training, stress management, health and wellness webinars, counseling, legal and financial services, child/elder care, and more. It will be worth it even if beneficial to just one person.
  4. Highlight the Work/Life resources available in your EAP program.

    Emphasizing the EAP program features that support a healthy work/life balance can be an excellent way to get employees interested in the program. And if they take advantage of those services, you may notice more employees coming to work on the top of their game.           
  5. Consider your EAP services an extension of your HR department

    Most EAP providers are not simply offering administrative services. They’re also experienced human resource consultants who can help you discover new ways to enhance productivity and save money. EAP Care Managers can also provide an extra level of ethical, legal, and clinical guidance than less experienced HR employees.

Offer comprehensive EAP services to employees with Guardian

Employers are automatically eligible for our EAP services when they offer three or more qualifying lines of Guardian coverage.* To learn how to add this complement to an organization’s employee protection program, request a quote, or give us a call.

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  1. 10th Annual Guardian Workplace Benefits Study, Guardian, 2021, Mind, Body, and Wallet: Workforce well-being in the pandemic era

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