Leveraging decades of experience

With over 160 years of experience, Guardian has the stability and know-how technology companies need to guide them through times of change. Coupled with industry -leading technology and a differentiated offering, Guardian is uniquely positioned to support technology companies as they overcome new and unexpected challenges.

Here are three reasons why the tech industry should go with Guardian:

1. Balancing a progressive offering and profitability

The technology industry is known for its progressive stance on employee benefits. Benefits packages have become a way to attract and retain top talent. But maintaining this level of support can be difficult in times of economic pressure. Here is where Guardian can help.

Guardian offers a broad range of benefits that can be customized to meet employer needs, while maintaining the product features and benefits that employees want.

  • Mental wellness benefits that offer therapy appointments in an average of <2 days and boast proven results; nearly 70% of engaged members report reliable improvements in anxiety and depression.2
  • Dental insurance that was designed based on customer feedback that supports better oral health and wellness including discounts for teeth whitening and invisible orthodontics, 100% in-network coverage for children ages 12 and under, and a Diminishing DeductibleTM that lowers the deductible until it reaches $0 after year 3.
  • Disability insurance that is easy to access and provides the added security and enhanced income protection your employees need for peace of mind. In addition, Guardian can help you develop an integrated disability strategy with our group LTD and individual disability insurance offering to help enhance your benefits offering while reducing risk.
  • Supplemental health benefits that can provide the extra support employees need, while helping employers expand benefit options. Whether accident or illness, or even certain preventive care measures, supplemental health insurance can help employees confidently face the unexpected.
2. With innovation, the complex becomes simple

In order to recruit and retain top talent, technology companies need to offer standout benefits packages. But the administrative burden of implementing and managing these often -complex packages can be overwhelming. Incorrect eligibility information, payroll deduction errors, and enrollment communications that are confusing and frustrating to employees are just a few of the time-consuming issues employers must deal with. Luckily, Guardian can help.

As a center of excellence for benefits enrollment technology, Guardian’s API integrations with key benefits administration platforms help eliminate the complexity of plan setup and data exchange, while solving common pain points in the benefits administration process. In addition, Guardian can work with employers to develop an active enrollment strategy to help employers and employees get the most value from their benefits, without any of the frustrations.

API integrations with real-time connectivity can reduce errors while saving companies up to 200 hours per year managing administrative tasks.

3. A seamless benefits experience, for you and your employees

Technology companies can grow and change at accelerated rates and it’s easy for employers to feel overwhelmed while trying to manage that change alone. At Guardian, our dedicated client service team can help employers break down the challenges of benefits management, giving them the confidence to handle their company’s changing needs.

  • One client service team
  • One bill for all products
  • One eligibility file
  • One client-central portal via Guardian Anytime

In addition, Guardian intuitively integrates short-term disability and supplemental health claims, allowing us to proactively ensure that employees receive all the benefits which they are entitled, while creating a simple claims management experience for employers.

Ready, Set, Start-up

Benefits at smaller tech firms should grow along with their business



“After treatment, 69.3% of participants showed reliable improvement for depression and 68.7% showed improvement for anxiety.” Bondar J, Babich Morrow C, Gueorguieva R, et al. Clinical and Financial Outcomes Associated With a Workplace Mental Health Program Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic. JAMA Netw Open. 2022;5(6):e2216349. doi:10.1001/ jamanetworkopen.2022.16349; 5/13,7/13.


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Early Smiles in network option is available in all states excluding GA, MS, SD, TX & WY where an in and out of network option is available.

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