The sound of a silent house makes me a little anxious I would say.

A little salt and a little pepper.

Got it.

Okay, thanks. Alicia, where are the controllers?

I don't know where the remote is, Steve.

Peanut, the baby.

So this is Steve, my husband, in his favorite position. One of his favorite positions. Steve, he's retired. Fully. I'm semi. You know one foot in, one foot out.

There we go.

The prospect of retirement is a little, um, daunting maybe. You know, the thought of not knowing quite what to do with yourself. I eventually want to retire, but in doing so, I want to find a passion.

Retirement for me is still really wonderful because I can still play the piano. I can still have a great time. That's what makes me happy. Singing, being with friends. But I wasn't prepared for retirement financially as I thought I was going to be.

SUPER: Sometimes the push we need comes from people we've never met.

SUPER: Joe & Alicia

I've often thought about retirement. I was older when I started thinking about it. I'm going, Oh my God, what am I going to do?

Well, I mean, I, I'm a late bloomer, so I didn't start thinking about it until I was like, there.


So it kinda hits you. That's the scary thing for me is that am I going to wake up in the morning and roll onto the couch and say, is this my day?

Oh yeah.

That's scary to me.

I always try to not do that

I've worked, you know, most of my life.


But there's so many factors, you know, money and health.

Ya, and you never know when those unexpected things are going to come up.

Exactly. So I mean, you gotta be prepared and if you had to do it over again or what would you do different this time?

I think probably invest smarter. I mean, money's huge. I mean, obviously you need to have enough to live and live comfortably. I'm more concerned that I stay busy and stay active. You know, that I don't lose myself into the world of not having to be anywhere.

A lot of people don't release their, their passion, what they really want to do. If you feel like you want to release that, that feeling, I'll accompany you and make you sound as best as you can.

You can learn from other people, many things. So it was kind of an eye opener to talk with Joe. I mean, who thinks of retirement, right?

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