A retirement planner for an endless weekend.

Retirement is like one very long weekend, but how do you plan for a weekend that can last decades?

Retired couple walking on the waterfront

A retirement planner for an endless weekend.

Retirement is like one very long weekend, but how do you plan for a weekend that can last decades?

Use this quiz to get started.

Complete this quick, six-question quiz to generate a personalized, tip-filled retirement planner to help make your retirement a reality.

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1. I really love my weekends because I can... (pick one or up to three that apply)
Knowing what you want in retirement can help you build a solid, personalized plan. The 20% of Americans who are financially confident have a plan and stick to it.1
2. I think in retirement I will be... (pick one or up to three that apply)
Examining some of the bigger financial responsibilities that can impact your retirement is an important step in the planning process.
3. My current income sources include... (pick one or all that apply)
It is not uncommon for people to ease into retirement by reducing their work hours or taking on new forms of part-time work. Currently, 19% of those over 65 are still working in some capacity.2
4. My biggest concerns in retirement are... (pick one or all that apply)
If you have concerns about your retirement, you're not alone. Only 20% of working Americans are financially confident. What's their secret? Living within their means, making a formal plan for retirement and working with a retirement professional.1
5. I am currently preparing for retirement by... (pick one or all that apply)
Having multiple resources that work together to provide a monthly income in retirement can be a strong, long-term strategy. According to experts, people should focus on monthly income in retirement, not net worth.3
6. I think I'll have extra income in retirement through... (pick one or all that apply)
Retirement nowadays requires more planning than it did for our parents. Two big reasons: people are living longer and over the past 30 years company pensions have declined by more than 70%.4



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