Empty Nester

I think the most difficult adjustment with my children being gone is the quietness. I love vacuuming my carpet and I put triangle patterns in it and if nothing else in life is under control, my carpet can be under control. It makes me feel good. I married fairly young, we got a divorce. I never planned on being a single parent and less than a year from now, I will be an empty nester. This is my youngest daughter and the last in the nest. My baby is going to be the hardest cause that's all of 'em. It's important to me that the kids not worry about me. Now that they're all leaving, back to work I go.

My son has been in college for four years. The last year that he was with us, it really hit me that this was it. I have no other children. Not having that extra person, I just got busy and I enjoy living my life, but I still miss him.

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You made this house a home for your children and now it's time for you to, you’ve got to leave the nest too. This place is spotless. I can't believe you had like four kids. It’s impossible. How are you starting to feel about your daughter leaving?

Mostly in the morning, not having the excitement of seeing her.

I miss that noise. That background noise.

Right, and to just be alone in a home.

It’s a different life, I mean, it takes a minute.

Looking back, what do you suggest as you went through this time now that you've had a chance to reevaluate it?

The main thing I wish is that I had saved more so that I could be more prepared for my son's education. It's important for me at this time of my life to make sure that my kids are going to be able to survive and thrive in college.

Oh yeah.

With four of them going to college, it's a tough time financially, so it's super important that I find something.

When you go back into the working world, you've done a lot here that could be used to work for you too. That attention to detail, you need to capitalize on that, that's for sure. And your organization skills. You could get awards for it. It's amazing what you've done. I just want you to be confident in going back into the workforce. Part of you will be grieving, of course, but you just gotta think about what's ahead of you.

I think I can find something that can fit me. I'm excited. I'm excited to start this phase of my life.

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