Mental wellness must be a priority in the workplace

More employees are leaving their jobs for mental health reasons (both voluntarily and involuntarily).1 Mental wellness is important to employees and your workforce deserves a different kind of support. Which is why Guardian has partnered with Spring Health, a leader in mental health care, to bring personalized mental wellness benefits to all employees and their families. After all, according to a recent survey, 91% of respondents believe that a company’s culture should support mental wellness.1

Do the mental health resources your company offers meet the needs of your employees? See where your organization stands and learn how to help further support employee mental health.

Evaluate your efforts

Workforce mental wellness is a complex issue, with symptoms that can present in a number of common ways:

Different mental health conditions can often cause the same symptoms, making diagnosis difficult. In fact, many mental health issues are initially misdiagnosed.⁴

Mental wellness benefits through Guardian feature a proprietary assessment that uses machine learning technology to scan for several mental health conditions. That means every employee receives a personalized care plan with easy access to Spring Health’s diverse network of mental health care providers. To receive the right treatment, diversity matters. Spring Health’s network is three times more diverse than the average network: with 15 unique racial groups represented, 47% of providers identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color, 37% specialize in LGBTQ+ issues, and 13 languages spoken fluently.7

What are some other early signs of mental health concerns?

Recognizing the symptoms of mental health challenges is only part of the battle. Is your workforce prepared to take action?

In a recent survey, 47% of respondents believed their manager was equipped to support them if they had a mental health symptom or condition.¹

Although many organizations have begun to provide training or education on mental health topics, the number of employees taking advantage isn’t enough.

The number of employees who have received training varies by seniority.5

  • Senior leadership, 31%
  • Managers/supervisors, 56%
  • Employees, 55%

The impact of a mentally healthy workforce.

Organizations that focus on mental health tend to have greater retention.

People who are happy and healthy are a force of productivity.

Better mental health can drive a better bottom line. Companies that offer Spring Health mental wellness benefits through Guardian can gain up to ½ a day of productivity per engaged member per week.7

Want to learn more about what sets Guardian + Spring Health ahead of other mental wellness solutions on the market?

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