Understand the trends affecting your dental practice

Guardian’s proprietary research can give you the insights you need to help your business adapt to the changing needs of patients.


Turning the corner: What’s the next move for your dental practice?

Inflection point: How COVID-19 impacted dental benefits and oral health


Inflection point: The impact of COVID-19 on the practice of dentistry

10x as many patients said the pandemic made them value their dental benefits more than value them less

Communicate the value of dental benefits to patients

Dental benefits that value and reward preventive services like regular checkups and cleanings help you build lasting relationships with patients. Plus, patients can save more money with you when your practice is in their dental network.

Dental benefits. Why it makes sense to consider staying in network. 

Oral health quiz

Help your patients test their dental care knowledge and understand the value of regular dental checkups.

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Get your financial house in order

It also may be good to ensure you have a clear understanding of your practice’s financial ecosystem, so you can plan for the worst, and anticipate the best. 

Plan the next move for your dental practice.

Develop a communication plan

If you’re looking to grow and maintain a thriving dental practice, communication is key. When creating your communication plan, we recommend:

  • Consider going digital, especially to communicate safety procedures
  • Being inclusive and consistent

Building lasting relationships with patients. Get more guidance on building a strong communications plan.

Make insurance work for you

You need your relationships with dental insurers to deliver ease, provide support, and save you time. From learning the lingo, to harnessing the power of online portals, there’s a lot you can do to help ensure your relationships with insurers run smoothly.

Get started with these five tips to help you improve your relationships with insurance.

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