An oral health quiz for your dental fundamentals

Little girl brushing her teeth

An oral health quiz for your dental fundamentals

Test your wisdom and we’ll help to fill in any gaps.

Why don’t we brush up on your dental fundamentals to make sure you know all there is about taking care of your teeth?

Consistency is super important when it comes to healthy dental hygiene. Let’s start off with some teeth-friendly habits.

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1. How often should you brush your teeth?
2. How long should you spend brushing your teeth?
3. How often should you replace your toothbrush?
4. How often should you floss?
5. How often should you see a dentist?
6. At what age should a child go for their first dental visit?
7. What’s one of the most common preventable chronic diseases for children aged 6-12 and adolescents aged 12-19?
8. What are signs of poor oral hygiene?
9. What are high-risk factors for cavities?
10. What are some serious conditions that can be caused by oral bacteria and the inflammation associated with gum disease?
11. True or false - Your oral health can impact your self-esteem.

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