Ensure your mental health resources meet the needs of your employees

Evaluate your current efforts, then make a plan to support employee mental health, now and into the future


Do the mental health resources you offer meet your employees’ needs? Chances are, your answer is yes – in fact, 70% of employers believe they do an excellent job addressing workforce emotional health.

But according to a recent Guardian study, only 47 percent of workers agree.1

Clearly, employees want more mental health support. As Americans quit their jobs in record numbers (4.5 million in November 2021 alone)2 and 1 in 5 adults experience increased mental or emotional health challenges each year,3 it’s clear employers need to take a fresh look at their current mental wellness offerings. 

To better support employee mental health, understand what your employees are facing

Our recent webinar “Mental Wellness and the Great Resignation: What employers need to know” highlights ways employers can more proactively identify mental wellness issues, then direct employees to support that is right for them.

For example: three in four workers cite stress and burnout as their biggest mental health challenges.4 Libby Erenson, VP of People at Spring Health, says burnout is a unique phenomenon because of how personal it can be:

Even if work is not the primary source of their burnout, other stressors can show up at the workplace in the form of lost productivity and disengagement. Daniel Harrah, National Director of Clinical Partnerships, Spring Health, says organization leaders can be trained to help steer employees in the right direction when they need access to care:

“I’m not training you to become a mental health clinician,” Harrah explains. “But I am training you to know where the mental health clinicians are, so you can encourage somebody to go talk to one. It’s not your job to fix the problem, or even really understand the problem, but it is your job to recognize and respond to that issue.”

For more insights and strategies, register to watch the webinar replay.  


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