Give the heroes guiding our students what they deserve.

We often hear educators referred to as “heroes,” and these days, that’s never been closer to the truth. But before all else, your teachers, support staff, and administrators are people, with loved ones who count on them. They need support to maintain a healthy balance in life so they can be their best, both at work and at home–then reflect that balance back to our communities. 

How can a comprehensive benefits offering impact your school?

Did you know workers are 25% more likely to want to stay with their employers when they’re offered supplemental health insurance.¹

Employees want to feel emotionally, physically, and financially supported.

Here are 3 ways offering a comprehensive benefits package can benefit your employees and their families:


1. Doing more for your employee’s mental well-being

More than 73% of employers believe they do an excellent job addressing workforce mental health. However, only 46% of employees agree.2 Employees need dedicated mental wellness support, that can meet their needs, or the needs of their family, wherever they are in the mental wellness journey. This is why Guardian has partnered with Spring Health to provide employees and their families with personalized, proactive mental wellness benefits.

2. Help ease your employees’ financial burden by offering supplemental health benefits

When facing a medical emergency of $2500 or more, half of workers have to borrow money.1 Even with generous salaries and medical benefits, increasing deductible and premiums are squeezing employees. Supplemental health insurance can provide the extra support employees need, while helping employers expand benefit options.

3. Dental plans to inspire well-being, provide value, and make dental care more accessible for educators and staff

More than 6 in 10 consumers say they want a better explanation of what their dental plan covers.3 Guardian provides a full spectrum of group dental benefits, specifically designed to support overall wellness and productivity. Our plans are designed using customer feedback, so they’re better understood, used, and appreciated by members.

Guardian can support you every step of the way.

In schools heavily impacted by staffing shortages, administrators have plenty to manage without the added complexities of difficult benefits management. Guardian unlocks the power of simple for administrators and employees. From enrolling a new teacher to finding an in-network provider, our tools are intuitive and easy to use.

Download Guardian’s report “Scholarly stress” to learn more about how staff shortages, limited flexibility, and a need for meaningful benefits creates challenges in the education industry.


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11th Annual Workplace Benefits Study Research Methodology

The 11th Annual Workplace Benefits Study was fielded in February and March of 2022 and consisted of two online surveys: one among benefits decision-makers (employers) and another among working Americans (employees), allowing us to explore benefits issues from both perspectives. Survey data collection and tabulation were managed for Guardian by Zeldis Research, an independent market research firm located in Ewing, NJ.

Employer survey

Employer results are based on a national online survey of 2,000 employee benefits decision-makers. Respondents include business executives, business owners, human resources professionals, and financial management professionals. The survey covers all industries and is nationally representative of US businesses with at least five full-time employees. Data shown in this report have been weighted to reflect the actual proportion of US businesses by company size based on data from the US Census Bureau. The margin of error at the 95% confidence level is +/- 2.2%.

Employee survey

Employee results are based on a survey conducted among 2,000 employees aged 22 or older, who work full-time for a company with at least five employees. The survey sample is nationally representative of US workers at companies of at least five full-time employees. Data shown in this report have been collected in a way to reflect the actual proportion of US workers by gender, region, race, ethnicity, education level, household income, age, and employer-size, based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau. The margin of error is +/- 2.1% at the 95% confidence level.

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3 Guardian's report, “Dental Fundamentals: In-demand benefits that support well-being, May 2022.”

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Early Smiles in network option is available in all states excluding GA, MS, SD, TX & WY where an in and out of network option is available.

Mental wellness benefits discussed herein are provided by Spring Care, Inc., d/b/a Spring Health (“Spring Health”), 60 Madison Avenue, Floor 2, New York, NY 10010. Spring Health is not an insurance benefit. Insured products are offered by The Guardian Life Insurance Company, New York, N.Y. (“Guardian”) which has a financial interest in Spring Health. Spring Health may not be offered through Guardian in all states.

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