Give the heroes guiding our children what they deserve

We often hear educators referred to as “heroes,” and these days, that’s never been closer to the truth. But before all else, your teachers, support staff, and administrators are people, with loved ones who count on them. They need support to maintain a healthy balance in life so they can be their best, both at work and at home–then reflect that balance back to our communities.   

And in school systems heavily impacted by staffing shortages and the return to in-classroom learning, administrators have plenty to manage without the added complexities of difficult benefits management.  Guardian unlocks the power of simple for administrators and employees. From enrolling a new teacher to finding an in-network provider, our tools are intuitive and easy to use.

More than 6 in 10 consumers say they want a better explanation of what their dental plan covers*

Plain-language communications educate and inform your staff. And our personalized enrollment experience with guided decision tools like Nayya Choose and VoluntaryWorks that can empower them as they compare and choose benefit options from a portfolio that emphasizes well-being.

At Guardian, doing well means being your best — because when you feel well, you think well. When you think well, you perform well. And when you perform well, everyone does better.


*Guardian's report, “Dental Fundamentals: In-demand benefits that support well-being, May 2022.” 

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