We break down the challenges of managing multiple benefits, creating efficiencies for you.

One eligibility file. We help to streamline setup and ongoing management by providing one eligibility file for all your Guardian benefit products.

One client service team. Employers with less than 100 members receive access to a dedicated regional team. We also provide a dedicated Account Service Manager for groups with more than 100 members and a single point of contact for larger customers who need help simplifying their benefit programs.

One bill for all products. This helps you reduce the amount of time needed on billing reconciliation*.

One client-central service portal via Guardian Anytime. You and your employees can view, track, and submit important benefits information, and download forms, all securely online, from anywhere.

We help you create better experiences by making it easier for employees to access their benefits.

Guardian intuitively integrates short-term disability and supplemental health claims. When employees are facing tough times, we want to proactively help ensure they get all the benefits to which they are entitled. When a short-term disability claim comes in, we automatically check for eligibility across all other Guardian supplemental health benefits the employee carries.

We offer robust technology that makes the process easier, not harder. We work with more than 300 benefit platforms and payroll providers to help you simplify the managing your benefits. From comprehensive Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connections, to real-time API connections with leading benefits administration platforms, we form strategic connections that help ensure systems talk to each other and work together which helps save time and reduces errors.  

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*Applies to all Guardian coverage except state mandated plans, FMLA, self-administered plans or groups that have multiple group numbers.

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