The unjustified killing of George Floyd is despicable and an outrage. It is just one of several recent events that tear at our hearts and the fabric of our communities. Racism. Injustice. Discrimination. Anger. Fear. These words of raw emotion today are also questions for tomorrow. How can we change? What will it take? We recognize that Black and Brown communities bear the burden of a legacy of prejudice, and it will take hard work and sacrifice to address the injustice and inequality.

At Guardian, our business is rooted in protecting what matters most. When we recite our company values, it is to remind ourselves of our purpose, our humanity, and how important our actions are to the lives of millions who depend on us. To each one who depends on us. It is more important than ever that we stand for those values. We are checking in with our colleagues, extending a hand to help one another and redoubling our efforts to build a more inclusive and diverse workplace. 

Living, sharing, and acting on our values has never been more important than it is today.


Deanna and Andrew

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2020-102680 20220630