All of this may have you thinking – are my teeth less white than they used to be a year ago? If the answer is yes, you may not be alone. The good news is that plenty of home teeth whitening kits have been hitting the market, and consumers are interested. A recent Guardian dental study revealed that 39% of consumers are interested in teeth whitening. Further research shows that many adults, particularly those between ages 18-45, consider it an essential cosmetic feature they want in their dental benefits.

It’s for this reason that Guardian is expanding its relationship with Byte®,a leader in the at-home clear aligner market, by offering dental insurance members a discount on their BrightByte Pro LED teeth whitening kits. This is now in addition to the discount they already receive for Byte invisible aligners. BrightByte is easy to use and whitens teeth in just days – without the need to go to a dental office. And with all of us used to staying at home these days, what’s not to like?

“We recognize the growing interest of at-home teeth whitening kits, and the need for flexible dental benefits that deliver value, not only at the dentist’s office but at home,” said Dr. Randi Tillman, Chief Dental Officer, at Guardian Life. “However, we encourage you all to consult with your dentist to determine if whitening your teeth is a safe and appropriate course of treatment for you as an individual.”

According to the American Dental Association, whitening treatments can be effective on both extrinsic and intrinsic staining. Extrinsic stains are on the surface of the teeth and cause discoloration, while intrinsic stains occur on the inside of the teeth, thus underscoring the importance of checking with your dentist first about using an at-home teeth whitening kit.1

Adds Dr. Tillman: “It’s also important to know that only natural teeth can be whitened as the process does not work on tooth-colored restorations.”

The array of choices for at-home teeth whitening kits can be overwhelming. One notable difference is the growth in kits with LED enhancers that have hit the market. BrightByte Pro LED teeth whitening kits are safe and easy using cutting-edge cold light technology to remove deep stains safely and efficiently. By using just 10-minutes a day, Guardian members can see whiter teeth in as few as three days.

This makes it a great option for regular whitening maintenance or simply to prep for a special event. Now, isn’t that something to smile about?

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1 American Dental Association, Oral Health Topics, Whitening, October 30, 2020

Unless otherwise noted, all stats are sourced from the 10th Annual Guardian Workplace Benefits: Inflection Point – The Impact of COVID-19 on the Practice of Dentistry,” 2021

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