Submit enrollment data in good order.  

Providing your initial enrollment data in good order can create a positive ripple effect. The completeness and quality of the data can reduce case set-up time and help ensure a more accurate bill. This means employees can utilize their benefits quicker, which creates a better member experience, and in turn helps improve the quality of your client relationships.

Getting everything “in good order” can be as simple as making sure your census file is complete and follows the right format. Check your files using these tips before sending them to Guardian:

  • Ensure all required fields are completed – if not complete, missing information can delay the set-up process.
  • List dependents in rows (directly below the primary member) with the employee ID, so the dependent can be linked to the correct member. Do not provide dependent social security numbers.
  • List benefits in columns, with a “Y” (electing coverage) or “N” (waiving coverage) for each person and each coverage, including dependents.
  • Ensure all census data is on one worksheet tab and contains all coverages on the plan.
  • Ensure all column headings are labeled. 

For best practice, leverage EMMA, our revolutionary solution built to simplify enrollment data administration.  EMMA’s self-guided process will accept your existing template or provide you with a new one, and then help you validate all data before automatically submitting it to Guardian.

Submit your implementation information on time.

30 days before the effective date: Notify your Guardian Sales Representative of your sold case.

(15 days for less than 25 lives, 60 days for 500-999 lives and 90 days for 1000 lives and above)

20 days before the effective date: Finalize and submit your client’s implementation paperwork.

(10 days for less than 25 lives and 60 days for 500+ lives)

15 days before the effective date: Finalize and submit your client’s enrollment data to Guardian.  Utilize EMMA's intuitive interface and user-friendly design to help expedite the process and get employees active in the system quicker—with enrollment submission taking minutes, instead of days.

(7 days for less than 25 lives)

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