Growing your Family

We did not plan to have the baby. And so when you get pregnant, especially as a freelance dancer it’s like, whoa. You can work one day in a month or you can work 30 but it also just felt like, okay, let's do this. Like the timing is never gonna make sense and I don't think I'll ever be ready for this. But when you have a beautiful little baby staring at you being like, I'm hungry, it's like, whoa, okay, I'm gonna make this happen. I'm ready, I want to work. I'm going to be able to support this baby. Like I got roots and now I feel fully stable. It's cool.

I don't think I'll ever be able to step away from dance. It's just something that feeds my soul. My biggest worry is having a baby and still being able to dance.

SUPER: Sometimes the push we need comes from people we've never met.

What I don't know is what's going to happen as far as bringing the baby along to jobs and sets.

SUPER: Claude & Jazmin

I like hearing other people's stories, but at the same time sometimes it like it, it does scare me a little bit.

Yeah. Yeah. Well a big thing for me. I was worried I wasn't gonna get jobs as a dancer and like you're pregnant, you have a baby, you're dead to us, bye, which didn't happen.

Oh good.

Yeah. Sometimes people get a little bit like, really? Are you sure? I'm like, yeah I have, you know I have a carrier. He goes in there, I can still move my arms and legs. I can still teach. I can still dance. Like let's go baby, let's make this happen.


And keep working. Cause you have to.

You know, being prepared financially. How does it really change your mindset of okay now I'm not just worrying about sustaining myself?

When you have a little baby you want to work more. Anything can happen. Stuff comes up unexpectedly all the time. Your budget, you make that little miscellaneous category, which is like usually like a hundred bucks. You got to amp that one up. A lot. Like tenfold. It's expensive. I mean just the formula alone was like $200 every two weeks. Everything, baby food. It just piles. I think my dad told me once that each baby's like $1 million. So it was like, wow, dad.

Is there anything you wish you had known then that you know now that you could tell your pregnant self?

Just learning how to ask for help more from friends, family cause you're going to need it.

Ya, people always ask me, are you like, what are you going to do? In my mind, I'm like, yeah. It seems like it's totally possible to just keep going.

Yeah. Honestly, people want to help. They do, and especially when a new child comes is, because it's exciting. My question is, is anyone really ever ready to be a mom? I don't know, but I'm going to find out. That I know.

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