Podcast Episode 1: Our Own Spheres of Influence

Hosted by Dr. Feranmi Okanlami

In this Equal & Able podcast episode, Dr. Okanlami opens up the conversation with Chris Smith, Head of Group Benefits at Guardian Life, by reading a letter he received from a person with a disability who shares the challenges of his/her everyday, particularly during the pandemic. What unfolds is a discussion  about what we can do within our own spheres of influence to ensure equity and inclusion for people living with disabilities,  and the importance of disability insurance’s role in achieving wellbeing.

Podcast Episode 2: Benefits of Adaptive Sports

Guest: Dr. Jasmine Townsend, Associate Professor in Recreational Therapy at Clemson University

In this Equal & Able episode, Dr. Okanlami talks to Dr. Jasmine Townsend, an Associate Professor in Recreational Therapy within the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management at Clemson University about adaptive sports. Dr. Townsend talks about her journey and passion for adaptive sports, the importance of making adaptive sports accessible for people living with disabilities, and how in order to achieve inclusivity, we all need to get out and play together.

Podcast Episode 3: Team Rubicon’s Mission to Increase Vaccine Equity

Guest: Art delaCruz, Chief Executive Officer, at Team Rubicon

Art delaCruz, Chief Executive Officer, at Team Rubicon, speaks to Dr. Okanlami about the veteran-led organization’s mission to provide impactful service to communities affected by a disaster around the world. One particular mission they have embarked on this year is increasing equity and access to COVID-19 vaccines by reaching vulnerable, under-resourced communities. They discuss what makes a community vulnerable and how they are turning vaccines into vaccinations.

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