Pet wellness: Building well-being, loyalty, and a whole lot of love. For all.

Support pet parents with an inclusive benefit they’ll love to use.

Did you know?

Proactive pet care can help prevent disease and help lower costs over time

Different from pet insurance, which pays for care in the event of an accident or illness, pet wellness benefits pay for proactive care to help prevent disease and help lower costs over time. While both offer value for working pet parents, only pet wellness pays back for preventive and routine pet care expenses.

Pet wellness benefits* from Wagmo are available to your employees, with the freedom to use any veterinarian, licensed groomer, or service provider. Also, there are no restrictions for age, breed, or pre-existing conditions for all cats and dogs. In addition:

  • No waiting periods or deductibles
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Employees can activate pet wellness benefits in two minutes or less
  • Reimbursements are paid within 24 hours by Venmo, PayPal, or bank transfer
Guardian + Wagmo


* Dogs and cats only. One pet included, with ability to add additional pets for an additional fee. Benefit limits and exclusions may apply. Reimbursement is subject to a maximum annual limit as outlined in the membership agreement.

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