I've always loved leadership and teamwork just from playing sports growing up my whole life. So in my previous role in accounting, I could sit at a computer all day long and crunch numbers, and literally not speak to anybody else. And I knew very quickly that just wasn't for me. I was missing that human interaction, that relationship building side of me.

Moving into a leadership role at Guardian has definitely been the career path that I want to go down because teamwork passions have been instilled in me pretty much my whole life.

So it's a yearlong program and it's the Guardian Leadership Institute. And I get to help recruit, develop, and manage a team of advisors, which has been, honestly, one of the most favorite things about this recent transition. So I'm actively building my own team while, kind of, learning in the managing associate role. And then that next step would be managing director role.

It's people that are exploring leadership, and then also people that know their direct path is leadership. So it's cool, and it's been fun to connect with those people and get more insight because they come from all over the country.