Explaining the technical language and jargon.

Basic care

This can usually be performed by your regular dentist. It includes common dental procedures like fillings and simple extractions.


A set dollar amount you pay for specific covered services.


The percentage of costs your plan will pay for your treatment once you’ve paid your deductible.


How much you pay for covered treatments before your dental insurance begins to help pay for your care.


An implant is an artificial tooth root that holds a replacement tooth.

Major care

This includes procedures that a dental specialist (endodontist) might need to perform in order to save a tooth.


The treatment of irregularities in the teeth to fix misaligned teeth or bite, including the use of braces.


This is the maximum amount your dental insurance pays for your covered dental services each year.

Preventive care

It’s key to keeping your teeth healthy and includes things like a cleaning every 6 months and routine x-rays.


A fixed monthly fee you pay to access insurance.

Waiting period

Time period following your coverage start date during which no benefits are paid.

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