Fake Guardian Internship/Job offers

We have been made aware of internship and job scams offered through faked LinkedIn, Indeed, or Google+ profiles of Guardian employees.  Guardian and our affiliate companies do not ask for personally identifiable information such as social security numbers, date of birth or other data except through our secure Workday system following a confirmed offer.

If you have received any such requests you should delete or disregard these fake requests. If you would like to report any fraudulent activity to Guardian please click here and the issue will be reviewed by our Anti-Financial Crimes Fraud team. Thank you and stay safe.

You can protect yourself. Look for warning signs:

  • Guardian will never ask for your money (e.g., training, classes, equipment, software, etc.).
  • Legitimate employees have email addresses ending in glic.com.
  • Guardian will never initiate contact with you via text message.
  • Be cautious of emails with grammatical and spelling errors.
  • The only way to apply for a position at Guardian is through our online applicant tracking system, which is accessible only from guardianlife.com.

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