Introduce mental health benefits in a stigma-free workplace culture to support long-term positive well-being

Mental health has become a key topic of our times, deeply entrenched in our personal and working lexicons. Each year, 1 in 5 US adults are affected by a mental health condition; more than half of them (55%) receive no treatment.1 Even so, optimism seems to be the trend. 64% of companies agree with the statement, “our organization creates and nurtures a culture of well-being.”2

Over half of employers agree that expanding their workforce’s use of mental and emotional health resources is a priority.

Inflection Point, 10th Annual Guardian Workplace Benefits Study, 2021

Maintain and Support

Tips to manage your own mental health and resources to share with your workforce

Take a breath: A relaxation exercise for the workday

In 2021, “employee health and wellness” appears for the first time in five years on employers’ top 5 most important benefits objectives.

Mind, Body, and Wallet, 10th Annual Guardian Workplace Benefits Study, 2021

Cultivate and Expand

Actionable tips and insightful resources for employers

Mental health implications of returning to work post-COVID

An open and supportive workplace culture influences a workforce’s overall well-being. Employees who work at an organization that supports diversity and inclusion have 71% higher Workforce Well-being Index™ scores.

Mind, Body, and Wallet, 10th Annual Guardian Workplace Benefits Study, 2021

Justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion

Explore how justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (J.E.D.I.) practices can enhance the mental health of your workforce.

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1National Alliance on Mental Illness

210th Annual Workplace Benefits Study, Guardian, 2021, Mind, Body, and Wallet

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