Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) can help protect employees and their loved ones in the event of death or dismemberment due to a covered accident.

Our affordable AD&D plans can be offered standalone, tied to Voluntary Life, and/or added to Basic Life coverage. As an additional benefit, we offer a variety of value-added employee services such as TravelAid1 to help employers protect their employees from a sudden illness or a security incident that occurs while away from home.

Guardian offers two types of AD&D insurance for employee only or family coverage:

Standard AD&D Enhanced AD&D
Provides traditional coverage for specific accidental losses without common carrier benefits. Includes coverage for:
  • Exposure/disappearance
  • Seatbelt and airbag
  • Repatriation
Enhanced provides traditional AD&D coverage with common carrier benefits and the following additional benefits:
  • Catastrophic Loss
  • Seatbelt and Airbag
  • Repatriation
  • Exposure/disappearance
  • Workplace assault rehabilitation
  • Day care costs & child education
  • Spousal education & retraining
  • Helmet
  • Adaptive home/vehicle

What AD&D Insurance Covers


Covered Loss
(For both Standard & Enhanced AD&D)
% of
AD&D Benefit
Catastrophic Loss Benefits
(Enhanced  AD&D only)
% of
AD&D Benefit
Loss of life 100% Quadriplegia (total paralysis of upper and lower limbs, bilaterally) 100%
Loss of a hand 50% Loss of speech or hearing (both ears) 50%
Loss of a foot 50% Loss of cognitive function 100%
Loss of sight in one eye 50% Comatose state in excess of one month 100%
Loss of all fingers (same hand) 25% Paraplegia (total paralysis of both lower limbs) 75%
Loss of all toes (same foot) 25% Loss of arm or leg 75%
Loss of thumb and index finger of same hand 25% Hemiplegia (total paralysis of upper and lower limbs, unilaterally) 50%
Loss of great toe 15% Uniplegia 25%

Available riders

Business Travel Accident rider

Pays up to $100,000 for a covered loss that occurs while traveling on business for an employer.

Common Carrier rider

Doubles the benefit for a covered loss that occurs while you are traveling on a public transit as a fare-paying passenger.

How AD&D is Flexible


  AD&D with Basic Life Tied to Voluntary Life Standalone AD&D
Employee 100% or 200% of Employees Basic Life amount 100% of Employees Vol. Life amount* Sold as % of salary, increments or flat amounts from $10,000 to $500,0002
Spouse/Child(ren)3 N/A 100% of dependents’ Vol. Life amount Sold as a % or up to a % of employee’s salary, increments or flat amounts
Reduction of Benefits Standard reduction: 35% at age 65, additional 25% at age 70; additional 15% at age 75; and a final 10% reduction at age 80.  Other options available.    

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TravelAid services are provided by Uprise Health and UnitedHealthcare Global. The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian) does not provide any part of TravelAid services. Guardian is not responsible or liable for care or advice given by any provider or resource under the program. This information is for illustrative purposes only. It is not a contract. Only the policy can provide the actual terms, services, limitations and exclusions. We are not responsible for availability, quality, result of or failure to provide any medical, legal or other care or service caused by conditions beyond Our control. Guardian and Uprise Health reserve the right to discontinue TravelAid at any time without notice. TravelAid services may not be available in all states.


Employee coverage will be limited to $500,000. Higher limits available with UW approval


Spouse and child(ren) coverage must not exceed a certain % of employee’s amount and may vary by state.

Guardian’s Group Term Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance are underwritten and issued by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, NY. Products are not available in all states. Policy limitations and exclusions apply. Optional riders and/or features may incur additional costs. Generic Policy Form # GP-1-LIFE-15; GP-1-ADD-15. The state approved form is the governing document. For NY, the Policy Form # is GP-1-LIFE-12-NY; GP-1-AD&D-12R-NY.

Guardian® is a registered trademark of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America.

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