Guardian Flock Integrated Partner Spotlight



Today we will be spotlighting our API partnership with Flock.

Raj we're really excited to have you with us today. Can you tell us about Flock and what makes your platform and service offerings unique in the marketplace?

Thanks, Sherri. Really excited to be here. I appreciate the opportunity. Flock is a software platform for Benefits Administration, Onboarding, People Management, Time Off Tracking. So essentially we address the complete lifecycle of an employee of the company. But the way we built the platform from the ground up, it's fully modular. So we can do implementations for just Benefits Administration, Onboarding, HRIS, so there's a lot of flexibility for the clients.

And the way we built the platform is also in keeping the ecosystem in mind. Really birds of a feather flock together. So we've got a broker partners, a carrier partners, and then obviously our employers. So we really are the glue that kind of connects all of these different constituents and partners that we have. And so that's why this is really exciting to us because this is spearheading and trailblazing connectivity of data between an employer, a system, and a carrier. And so that just removes a lot of administrative inefficiencies and data redundancies.

What are the values or integrations that our organizations have built together for our mutual customers?

Guardian we feel is really trailblazing on the API connectivity front, so it just makes it very easy. Traditionally there's EDI connectivity in the industry, which is cumbersome. Takes a lot of time to get going. This way we can do groups set up in a matter of minutes or hours. We can do EOI management. We can do adds/terms eligibility management all done via API. And so it's very seamless. And so that reduces again, a lot of time and really most importantly work for the administrative person and the employer, and the broker. So they don't really have to do much work because all of this is happening seamlessly via the API. This is a huge, huge value add in the connectivity itself.

Thanks, Raj, for your time today. For more information, please contact your Guardian sales representative.