Empathy eases the impact - saving stress, time, and resources¹

How Empathy helps

Together, Empathy's platform and people cover many aspects of loss: each task, decision, and challenge beneficiaries and their families may face, and the information and guidance they need to be assured that they are progressing correctly.

Whether it's planning the funeral, searching for documents, understanding the will, dealing with property, preventing identity theft, navigating probate, managing accounts, and more - Empathy's professional guidance can help.

Tackling tasks

  • A tailored plan to tackle all loss-related tasks
  • Time-saving services and automations
  • Track progress and share knowledge with up to 10 family members

Navigating emotions

  • Guidance and support for challenging feelings
  • Accessible 24/7 via phone, chat, and email
  • Access to interactive grief journals, as well as audio episodes and guided meditations

Providing guidance

  • Tap into expert, in-depth information on loss-related topics


1 Empathy's 2022 Cost of Dying Report 

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