Today’s career women are proud of their many corporate accomplishments yet they also want a satisfying lifestyle for themselves and their families. For instance, being able to close a deal in the morning and then show up at her son’s school in the afternoon to act as the “secret reader” for his first grade class could be considered an all-around great day.

Though it won’t usually cross a woman’s radar as a possible choice, the financial professional career can provide incredible flexibility and work life integration. People in sales generally make their own hours by strategically managing their schedules. That doesn’t mean they work less or earn less, but it does mean they have the flexibility to integrate work life and home life. When your child has a Halloween parade in the middle of the school day, wouldn’t it be great to be able to show up without worrying about potentially being stigmatized for leaving the office early?

Of course, flexibility isn’t only for parents. Everyone can live a less stressful life if they know they can take care of personal appointments, visit a sick friend or family member or get some exercise midday.

While many people cite work-life balance as a goal, the concept of work-life integration has become increasingly compelling, particularly as the lines between working and non-working hours have become blurred. In a Fortune magazine article, the writers make the point that, “work and life are on the same side, so they don’t need to be balanced. They rise and fall together—increase your life’s overall well-being and you’ll also be more effective at work.”1

Rather than having a schedule with specific days and hours devoted to office time and others devoted to your personal life, a sales career allows you to transition seamlessly between the various parts of your life every day.

Why women and sales are a good fit

According to a CNBC article detailing findings from a recent study of working women, 78% of women are seeking increased flexibility and 73% seeking career progression opportunities. 2  Women juggle taking care of home, their families, their community and their work, so a culture that allows them to set their own hours and have a life outside of the office can be particularly appealing. Furthermore, women who are looking for a career with financial stability, a great salary and benefits don’t have to accept working on someone else’s schedule if they pivot to a sales career.

What does a financial professional do? You help people to better plan their lives financially – to protect and grow their resources while achieving a more fulfilling life. That holds a lot of promise for you, too. 

When you’re considering your next career change, remember that a sales career could be the perfect way to integrate your life goals with your work goals.


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